This front fender has the same height as the original fender. since your car doesn't get down too low with it, it doesn't get scratched on the ground.It has so many air dams that it can get better and much airflow. According to our own tests,it reduces the oil temperature 10-15℃ on the average.Even when the radiator is replaced behind the can get airflow easily.This fender is designed not only for the aggressive look but also for highly effective performance.

A water temperature rise is controlled with a RAJIETA cooling duct also at the time of introduction interchange air conditioner wearing.


This side skirt is designed stylishly without spoiling RX-7's beautiful body line and its racing image.

This rear under spoiler is designed with a formula racing car's image.Not too gaudy but tastefully and effectively styled.

This carbon fiber mirror has the same figure as ones used in JGTC

This carbon fiber bonnet is similar to Mazda speed's

Under panel fitting the AXIA SPORTS' front fender well.